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UPTOGOOD is your campaign network for stories that matter. Come to UPTOGOOD to “WATCH. GET INSPIRED. ACT.” Making your impACT is just a few easy clicks away on UPTOGOOD: FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit, SHAREit.

We are a campaign platform focused on social good where anyone with a good heart can create an impact campaign around a story that matters to inspire action. The good thing is, you can take action for good through some simple clicks of your mouse – something most of us use everyday. We think video is a powerful way to tell a story. So all campaigns on UPTOGOOD are anchored around videos we call Impact Stories. We are a social network too. Your friends and the community can get to know you through the impact you are making on UPTOGOOD.

Do you ever watch those videos and docs and get an overwhelming feeling that something has to change or even wonder how you can help be that change? Or get so inspired and touched that it makes you a bit kinder for the rest of the day? So often we watch something online and our hearts are tugged to do something about it. We want to give, we want to help, we want to tell everyone, but how?! At UPTOGOOD, we navigate that first spark of post-viewing inspiration into simple, meaningful action that generates real tangible GOOD in this world, all through the click of your mouse.

We want UPTOGOOD to be your home for Impact Stories: videos that inspire action. We are where you get your dose of healthy, good-for-you video greens. We designed this social impact destination to empower more people like you to take action and support causes through video-based social action campaigns built by inspired story-tellers and the good-hearted. At UPTOGOOD, we believe a good story told can be a powerful motivator. UPTOGOOD offers powerful, yet easy-to-use tools for you to build GOOD campaigns, take actions on them, and make an impact by leveraging the power of story-telling, a good-hearted crowd, and a little digital technology.

Crowd-fund for good with FUNDit and put your $$ where your mouth is. Power to the people. Sign a petition for good with SIGNit. Make a pledge for good and practice what you preach with PROMISEit. And, share the campaign with your friends and family with SHAREit. After all, sharing is caring.

We will keep track of your stats around these core UPTGOOD social actions on your UPTOGOOD profile where you can see your social goodprint grow. We hope you will come join us and be part of the change you want to see in the world!

So how do I get in on the GOOD?

It’s too easy. Watch, Get Inspired, and ACT. At UPTOGOOD, our campaigns are like interactive vision boards, designed in the way you might like to see the world get up to good. They are hosted by documentary filmmakers, producers, impact journalists, non-profits, political campaigners, social enterprises and inspired people like you, each anchored by an Impact Story (a video with an aim to inspire or inform). Every video is paired with one of our four simple, but meaningful social actions that lets you, the user, direct your freshly inspired hearts into meaningful action and generate tangible good with the click of your mouse: FUNDit (flow money to the filmmaker, producers or the causes addressed in the film), SIGNit (lets you give your good name and join a live petition), PROMISEit (make a promise in alignment with the cause the film supports, sort of like a digital pinky swear), and SHAREit (lets you move that impact through the world). At UPTOGOOD, we believe even a small simple action is a good start. It sure beats inaction.

Learn about additional actions you can take on UPTOGOOD below.


Get inspired and browse the world! UPTOGOOD is your home base for all Impact Stories. If it aims, to inspire, educate, uplift for social good you’ll find it here. Delve into our expansive collection of stories from short and full-length documentaries, nonprofits, impact journalists, and even home-made videos from inspired people like you! Think of us as your smorgasbord for all things good. Your video “greens” of the day so to speak. We serve the most nutrient rich content produced by storytellers who’s aim is to impact you in a meaningful way by sharing the most pressing narratives about the world they live in. Go ahead, binge away and watch your heart out! (This time it’s good for you.)

What kind of content can I find on UPTOGOOD? What is an “Impact Story”?

All video content on UPTOGOOD is considered an Impact Story. Basically anything that has the potential to inspire or inform for social good has a place here. This can be a theatrical-length documentary film calling for social change or a short little video clip you shot on your cell phone about a cause you care about, or anything in between.

At this time all videos on UPTOGOOD are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. (We will be looking to add more players we are compatible with so stay tuned!)

What are some of the ways I can discover Impact Stories to watch on UPTOGOOD?

At UPTOGOOD you can explore videos by searching under Impact Story Types (Documentaries, Impact Journalism, Other Videos), Content Length (10 minutes or longer is what we consider Long), and Topics (general subject matter). Campaign Pages will also give you recommendations based on what you’ve already watched. Or, browse through what’s FRESH, your newest feed of inspiration, or see what’s TRENDING. And if for some reason you’re feeling like an action hero at your lap-top, dive into the FINAL COUNTDOWN and give your good to a Campaign in its final stretch (sort of like a last-chance-to-save-the-world moment). We also recommend checking out profiles of other users engaging with your favorite campaigns to discover other campaigns they may have supported or hosted - chances are you’d like them too!

How can I find more information about the Impact Story (video) I just watched?

Can’t get enough of that that video? Find more info about the creators behind the content by clicking on the icon on the Campaign Page. You can check out the source link for the video as well. For now, our videos will link you back to either Vimeo or Youtube. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for there. Also, some Campaign Pages will include detailed information about the creative team and/or a link to their IMDB page.

I am a Campaign Host. Can I create my campaign with any video I want?

Before you embed your Impact Story (video) into your campaign, check out our . We, too, think that the video of that hamster eating a mini burrito is hilarious! And, yes, we love how that cat is totally acting like a human being. But let’s face it folks, it ain’t gonna change our world. There are content we deem unfit for UPTOGOOD and we reserve the right to remove them. Basically the content of your video should have the potential for social good, and it should aim to inform and inspire. At this time, all videos on UPTOGOOD are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.

I am a distributor of an Impact Story. How can UPTOGOOD help distribute my content? Is hosting a campaign with my content on UPTOGOOD a good idea from a business perspective?

As an impact focused platform, UPTOGOOD brings you a unique and empowering distribution strategy, providing you with a loyal audience seeking to contribute to the inherent good of your impact focused film. Use us as your primary distribution platform or as complement to an already existing distribution strategy. We encourage you to get creative on how you use UPTOGOOD, but here are some thought-starters for you:

INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION: UPTOGOOD is an arts patronage platform with a built in audience, hungry for Impact Stories and an inherent desire to give: Yes we mean money too! When tapped with a strong call to action at the right time (post-viewing), the good-hearted nature of your supporters has the power to monetize your content. The added social media focus of our platform, extends your reach, generating a loyal fan-base, that is supportive and primarily focused on sharing your content (also known as growing an audience for you, like some crazy wildfire that won’t quit, a glow with the embers of your message and your revenue!) List yourself as the primary beneficiary and trust in the power of your story to move your supporters to fund you and show appreciation for your hard work.

Our original inspiration for UPTOGOOD came from speaking to documentary filmmakers. Many of them have goals beyond monetization alone. They want to spread their message to as many people as possible, inspire social change, AND make money, but for many, the opportunity to do so has been a bit limited to date. We believe that with strong content, filmmakers would be able to achieve all of their goals by trusting in our “watch and then pay model,” with the call to action right there when you are feeling those strong emotions after viewing the Impact Story. For strong, moving Impact Stories, we hypothesize the FUNDit action on UPTOGOOD has the potential to not only complement, but dare we say, surpass the traditional “pay first and then watch” distribution model’s ability to monetize.

LIMITED RELEASE: Use us as a competitive edge for your larger distribution deal ahead. Create a buzz, find a large following, and use your loyal viewership as leverage for negotiating the traditional distribution deals ahead (theatrical release, cable, VOD, etc.) Yes, you guessed right. You can launch content on UPTOGOOD for a limited time by setting a campaign end date.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Build a huge social media following as well as an email opt-in database. Strategically market to the most ideal demographic for your impact film and gather a loyal fan base for all your future work as well. Save yourself the hassle of putting up a website for your film. Make your Campaign Page on UPTOGOOD your website for your film!

WATCH IT GO VIRAL: By distributing on a social media platform, you are instantly releasing your content into the hearts of social sharing devotees. At UPTOGOOD, our built-in social actions are specifically designed to engage and motivate the viewer to share, share, and share! Umm… can you say “my video just went viral?!” You might have to. We know that many creators of Impact Stories are primarily motivated by bringing awareness to that thing that they could not forget, that thing they felt they needed the world to know. At UPTOGOOD, we believe that too! And we're bringing together a world of people seeking awareness, action and also funding in honor of that greater good!

All of this can be done as a supplement to your existing distribution strategy or in place of it. It is not mutually exclusive unless you have contractual terms limiting you otherwise. So, yes! We’d say it’s a great business move.

An alternate option for filmmakers looking to dip their toes into UPTOGOOD waters is to release a shortened version of your full feature to move your audience to action, but still leave room to garner interests for your full feature elsewhere to cater to any constraints you may have. Or use UPTOGOOD to gather funds and support to produce the stories you want to tell, or to receive gap financing for a production already underway. Get creative! There is always a way to do good on UPTOGOOD!

I am an Impact Story producer. I really love UPTOGOOD, but I’m not comfortable having my content embedded everywhere via Vimeo and Youtube. What do you suggest?

Fear not! If you would like to limit distribution of your Impact Story to UPTOGOOD only, we suggest getting a Vimeo Pro account and setting your domain-level privacy to https://www.UPTOGOOD.org. Go to Settings > Privacy to adjust your settings. Select "Hide this video from Vimeo.com" under "Who can watch this video?" and then select "Only on sites I choose" option under "Where can this video be embedded?" Here, just add in https://www.UPTOGOOD.org, and you are good to go. We securely direct people back to UPTOGOOD before anyone can watch. This guarantees your content will only be shared within the UPTOGOOD platform and within your desired context, alongside the key social actions you've designed for your viewers. Similarly, Vimeo allows you to geo-restrict your content as well.

I know some great Impact Stories that should be on UPTOGOOD. What should I do?

UPTOGOOD is an incredible way for creators of Impact Stories to broaden their audience and grow a fan-base filled with passionate supporters. Tell them about UPTOGOOD and encourage them to create a campaign or tell them you'd like to create one for them. We imagine they'd be thrilled to hear that you're inspired to share their work. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to ask first and make sure they'd be cool with you doing so.

I am the copyright holder but I don't approve of the use of my content on UPTOGOOD. What can I do?

UPTOGOOD respects artists and content owners' rights. Hence, UPTOGOOD has adopted a policy to respond to alleged infringement notices that fully comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 ("DMCA").

All Campaign videos must have attribution crediting the creators and rights holders. UPTOGOOD presumes that you are the rights holder of the content, and/or you have permission from the rights holder, if you are using the video as part of your Campaign. Don't forget to review the terms and conditions of the source platform as well (ie: Youtube and Vimeo). Make sure you're not accidentally infringing on anyone's copyrights.

If you believe that your copyrighted work has been infringed upon and is accessible via UPTOGOOD, please let us know! The DMCA states that a valid complaint must be made in writing, to our copyright agent, and include all of the legal stuff below:

  • Identification of the work/material being infringed.
  • Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing, including its detailed location, so that an UPTOGOOD agent can find it and verify it's existence.
  • Contact information about the notifying party (the Notifying Party), including name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • A statement that the Notifying Party has a good faith belief that the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or law.
  • A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the notice is accurate, and that the Notifying Party is authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the copyright owner.
  • The Notifying Party's physical or electronic signature.
Attn: DMCA Notice
UPTOGOOD Benefit Corporation ? Kendall Almerico Almerico & Mooney
Address: 4350 West Cypress Street Ste 275 Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: 813.877.1800
Contact Us: Submit your written complaint via our Contact Us Form

Upon investigation, our team will contact the Campaign Host. When appropriate, we will remove the Campaign as well. In accordance with the DMCA, and other applicable law, UPTOGOOD may terminate the accounts of Campaign Hosts who are repeat infringers. UPTOGOOD may also, at its sole discretion, limit access to its service and/or close accounts of any Campaign Hosts that infringe on any other intellectual property rights, regardless of previous infringements.

What do I do if I find inappropriate content, campaigns, or profiles on UPTOGOOD?

UPTOGOOD asks for the community's help in policing our community. Our team does its best to take down videos that do not meet our Community Guidelines, but we also appreciate the community effort. So, if you see something, say something. If you feel like it just doesn't fit, flag it by clicking "Report this Campaign" in the info. flyout on the Campaign Page. You can find the info. flyout at the bottom right of the campaign cover photo. Our team will take a look, and make sure it's in alignment with our Community Guidelines. And if it's not, we'll contact the Campaign Host and get it squared away.

You can report a user profile as well if you find anyone trolling or acting inappropriately. We are all for people disagreeing and having healthy debates. But, please try not to embarrass yourself in the process. UPTOGOOD is for mature, polite people only, with good intentions. No one likes a jerk. We definitely don't either, and we reserve the right to kick you out of UPTOGOOD if anyone decides to keep it up.

As a fundamental principle, UPTOGOOD does not tolerate intolerance. This being said, we recognize that there may be many polarizing issues with varying opinions and perspectives on UPTOGOOD, just like in the real world. UPTOGOOD encourages people to actively seek to learn, grow and being open to changing your stance on important issues for the better. We believe that it is important for UPTOGOOD to be an open platform that respects and allows varying opinions to co-exist and for UPTOGOOD to remain agnostic and neutral on issues to make the greatest impact. We may very much disagree with a certain campaign's viewpoint or message. However, we will be setting a dangerous precedent by making any attempts at being the authority or gatekeeper on what is deemed right and wrong by disallowing campaigns we may personally disagree with. We can't know everything - and we are at least smart enough to know that! We know many issues are not black and white and the nuances at hand may not always be readily apparent. We can't promise to always get it perfectly right, but it's our promise to you that we'll be doing our very best to bear these principles in mind as we make any decisions for UPTOGOOD. We also know that you, as a member of our community, are able to make up your own minds about important topics by learning from others and exposing yourself to varying viewpoints within the community. After all, that's why we created UPTOGOOD!


Oh buy goodness! Who says you can't buy happiness? You can help fund some good in the world with the FUNDit button as a direct line of action for your post-viewing inspiration. This allows you, the supporter, to fund real dollars directly towards a Campaign. Some of these filmmakers/producers have made immeasurable sacrifices to bring their stories to the world. When you flow real dollars towards them you're making a huge impact on the world. You're not only rewarding and thanking them for their efforts in opening your eyes, you're funding their viewpoint and their message, creating a larger social impact, and encouraging them to continue their good work. If you've got it to give, pay it forward! Your heart will be happy.

The funds can go to the filmmaker, or the cause the filmmaker addresses in the Impact Story, or both! Are you hosting the GOOD? You can even pay yourself back for all of your good efforts.

What is a FUNDit Beneficiary? Who am I funding?

FUNDit Beneficiaries are folks (Individuals, Businesses, and Organizations) the Campaign Host believed would benefit from the funds raised and would do good with it. Campaign Hosts can go ahead and fund themselves, or fund anyone with a registered UPTOGOOD profile with an activated WePay account. WePay is our secure payments partner and allows you to start collecting funds for yourself or someone else right away! You have 30 days from your first donation collected to verify your information and link your bank account as a FUNDit Beneficiary to receive your funds. UPTOGOOD supports up to 5 FUNDit Beneficiaries per campaign. It might be the filmmakers or producers themselves, or a nonprofit associated with causes brought to light by the video, or it might be just one little Inuit in Alaska fighting to save his last polar bear. Either way, you can find more info. about who you're funding on the Campaign Page. Feel free to do your own research as well, get involved in the cause and learn about who gets your gift. Google it!

Is the FUNDit option tax deductible?

If you are supporting a registered U.S. 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization or an otherwise tax-exempt organization via your FUNDit campaign, your contribution may be tax-deductible to the same extent the donation would be tax-deductible if made directly to the organization itself. Contributions to individuals or other businesses and organizations that do not meet this criterion are most often not tax-deductible.

If the FUNDit Beneficiary has indicated itself as a tax-exempt organization (501 (c)(3) nonprofit or otherwise), UPTOGOOD includes information regarding their claimed tax-exempt status and the organization's EIN (Employer Identification Number) in emailed receipts to the email address you have supplied to us to help assist in meeting IRS requirements. We rely on the organization's representation that they are a tax-exempt, and have not independently verified this information.

If your receipt does not include the organization's EIN (Employer Identification Number) or information regarding their tax-exempt status, and you have determined that you can make a tax-deduction for your contribution, please contact the nonprofit and ask for a tax-deductible receipt. Please note, we are not legally able to advise you on tax issues, so please consult your tax advisor to ensure you comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Do you provide receipts?

Yes. UPTOGOOD will send you a transaction confirmation and a receipt of your payment via an email address you provide. You may also view your transaction history and access receipts under My Contributions if you have a registered UPTOGOOD account. Just click on the underlined amount you donated, and you can view or print your receipt.

If you are a FUNDit Beneficiary, go to My Fundsand click on the underlined amount to view and print details about your donation you received!

Are there any tax or reporting implications for contributing or receiving funds? What if I am a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?

Funds contributed or received may be subject to federal, state or local taxes and reporting requirements. All of your transaction history is accessible via your My Contributions page or My Funds if you have an UPTOGOOD account as well as via receipts emailed to the email address you have supplied.

On the rare occasion that your contribution exceeds $5.34 million over your lifetime (good for you!), or exceeds the $14,000 a year cap on gifts, a gift tax may be owed to the IRS, to be paid by the person contributing the funds (not the Beneficiaries). For a more in depth guide, consult a tax professional regarding the specifics of your generous gift or read more about it here.

Depending on the nature of your fund raising campaign (ie: political), you may be required to use your best efforts to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution. The FUNDit call to action will collect the donor's name and email address by default unless the donor elects to be anonymous. UPTOGOOD supports you by providing you the ability to add additional custom fields to your campaign by clicking on Add Custom Fields in the FUNDit section of the Campaign Creation Details page if required. Please be sure to consult with your legal advisors for more information.

If you have claimed your tax-exempt status (you are a nonprofit!) and EIN (Employer Identification Number) on your UPTOGOOD account, we will provide this information to your donors and to you in e-mailed receipts to aide you in complying with IRS requirements. WePay, our payments partner, will send you a 1099-K Form if you raise over $20,000 and have 200 transactions within one year.

UPTOGOOD is not legally able to advise you on tax and reporting issues. In all cases, please consult with your tax and legal professionals regarding the specifics of funds you contribute or receive to or through UPTOGOOD.

What is the minimum amount I can give? Is there a maximum amount? How much should I fund?

$5 USD per FUNDit Beneficiary is a good start.

A little really does go along way and we're sure all of our FUNDit Beneficiaries appreciate every little bit of change. With that said, the sky's the limit (pretty much*), and you can't take it with you people. If you've got it? Give it! Who say's you can't buy happiness?

*When it comes to political fundraising, we do want to note that there are some limits set by the Federal Election Campaign Act. There are limits on contributions made by persons to candidates ($2,700 per election, per candidate), and limits on contributions made by persons to national party committees ($33,400 per calendar year), for example. You can read more about these contribution limits for political campaigns here. If you are unsure, please consult your legal advisors to ensure you are abiding applicable laws as UPTOGOOD is not able to provide any legal advice. Campaign Hosts for political campaigns may choose to set a max limit on the funds they raise accordingly and/or include helpful tips and links for your potential supporters in your campaign copy. Once you hit your max limit you've established on your campaign, your campaign will end, regardless of the campaign end date you may have established separately. Your max limit will override any campaign end date set in the future.

What form of payments do you accept?

UPTOGOOD currently accepts credit card payments from AMEX, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as debit card payments processed through our secure payments partner, WePay. All payments are made in US dollars and are displayed as such on UPTOGOOD. UPTOGOOD accepts one-time payments and recurring monthly payments. We currently do not have support for ACH and other forms of payments like bitcoin. We hope to soon!

You may see an error message when attempting to make a donation using an AMEX card. FUNDit Beneficiaries have 30 days after receiving their first contribution to verify their information and link their bank account with WePay in order to withdraw donations they have accepted into their bank account. WePay and AMEX require this process be completed first before accepting any donations, while FUNDit Beneficiaries are able to accept donations via VISA, Mastercard and Discover prior to this verification process so long as verification occurs within 30 days of their first contribution. If you are unable to make a donation using your AMEX card, please try a VISA, Mastercard or a Discover card instead. You may also try donating with an AMEX card again at a later date after giving your FUNDit Beneficiary the chance to meet their verification requirement.

I'm going to FUNDit! Are there any additional perks?

The greatest perk we can offer is that good good feeling of having made an immediate positive difference in the world. And besides, do you really even want another T-shirt or a key chain? Perks can sometimes take away from scarce resources, financial and otherwise, that could be directly applied to furthering the cause you support. Wouldn't you rather see those dollars working directly towards some good? At UPTOGOOD, we're inspired by the pure act of giving. We're inspired by the act of voting with your dollar. We think you might feel the same. Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world." And we're pretty sure he wasn't making coffee mugs with that slogan. With that said, FUNDit Beneficiaries or Campaign Hosts have the creative freedom to design any perks they can afford to offer outside of UPTOGOOD.

I FUNDED it! Are my details and personal info. safe and secure?

UPTOGOOD takes security of your data very seriously. The site is secured using SSL 256 bit encryption. The presence of SSL means that all communications between your browser (e.g. credit card numbers) and UPTOGOOD's web servers are private and secure. You can read more about our data practices and Privacy Policy here.

Can I be an anonymous donor?

You sure can, so long as your Campaign Host does not explicitly disallow this option on their campaign. To donate anonymously, simply look for the "Contribute Anonymously" checkbox on the FUNDit action. When you donate anonymously, your donation amount and the specific campaign you have contributed to will remain hidden on your public profile. Similarly, your Campaign Host and FUNDit Beneficiary would only know that an anonymous donor had donated a certain dollar amount, without your identity being revealed. You can choose to donate anonymously to prevent your name and email address from being revealed to the Campaign Host or FUNDit Beneficiary. You may prefer to give anonymously because you want to give without recognition. You may prefer to give anonymously in order to avoid engaging with others philosophically opposed to the causes you support. Whatever your reason may be, we salute you for your commitment to give!

One note of caution, however. Any political donations over $200 in aggregate during the year cannot be made anonymously. According to the FEC, if you contribute more than $200 to a committee, the committee is required to use its best efforts to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution. Therefore, if you are a Campaign Host, please be sure to uncheck the "allow anonymous donations" checkbox found in My Campaigns > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Settings. Please be sure to consult with your legal advisors for more information.

How can I stop a recurring payment?

You may stop a recurring monthly payment at any time. Go to My Contributions. Click on the funding amount you'd like to cancel. You can then review the details of your Contribution and opt to cancel the next payment. You cannot cancel or seek a refund for recurring payments already made on UPTOGOOD, but you can cancel the next scheduled recurring payment by canceling the payment before it is processed.

Do you provide refunds? What if I need to dispute a payment amount?

UPTOGOOD does not offer any refunds except for when the FUNDit Beneficiary does not complete the proper account set up process with our payment processor, WePay, within 30 days of launching the campaign and receiving their first donation for their campaign. So please be sure to review any information available carefully before donating. We don't think it is very nice to re-neg on your donation, but if you must, you may contact the Campaign Host via the CONTACT ME button on the profile flyout located on the top of the Campaign Page to see if your issue can be resolved outside of UPTOGOOD.

I am a Campaign Host. Can I set a Max Limit on FUNDit donations?

Yes. You can set a maximum limit to the funds you can raise through your FUNDit campaign. Just go to Create Campaign > FUNDit section under Campaign Creation Details page and click on AddMax Limit. You may choose to set a Max Limit to adhere to the Federal Election Campaign Act when raising funds for political campaigns, for example or message your supporters in your campaign copy accordingly to alert them of any constraints. You can read more about political contribution here. Once you hit your max limit you've established on your campaign, your campaign will end, regardless of the campaign end date you may have established separately. Your max limit will override any campaign end date set in the future.

UPTOGOOD is unable to provide legal advice. Please be sure to consult with your legal advisors for more information.

I am a Campaign Host. I am legally required to collect additional information from the person or organization funding me. How can I do so?

The FUNDit call to action will collect the donor's name and email address by default unless the donor elects to be anonymous. You may add additional custom fields to your campaign by clicking on Add Custom Fields in the FUNDit section of the Campaign Creation Details page.

This may be a useful feature for Campaign Hosts hosting political campaigns. According to the FEC, if you contribute more than $200 to a committee, the committee is required to use its best efforts to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution. UPTOGOOD is unable to provide legal advice. Please be sure to consult with your legal advisors for more information.

I am a FUNDit Beneficiary or want to be. How do I get set up and withdraw my funds raised?

To get the most out of your experience on UPTOGOOD, we want to encourage you to activate your WePay account on your My Funds page.

WePay is our secure payments partner. By activating your WePay account, not only can you start collecting funds for your own campaigns right away, but others on UPTOGOOD can make YOU their FUNDit Beneficiary for campaigns they host and ask their supporters to donate funds to you.

After the first donation is collected into your activated WePay account, you have 30 days to verify your identity information with WePay and link a bank account to withdraw your funds into for each campaign. We will remind you via email but please don't forget to complete this process in full because otherwise the funds raised for you will be automatically refunded back to your donors - and that would just be plain sad! FUNDit donations are refunded to donors when the FUNDit Beneficiary fails to verify their information and link a bank account with their WePay account for the specific campaign. This is to keep UPTOGOOD a safe place and to enable WePay to comply with regulations. We also suspend further donations to this FUNDit Beneficiary for this campaign.

Please note, you will not be able to accept donations from donors using AMEX for payment until you have completed verifying your identity information and linking your bank account with WePay. (VISA, Mastercard and Discover cards do not have this extra requirement.) When attempting a donation to you with an AMEX card, donors will see an error message if you have yet to complete your WePay verification process. Please be sure to complete your verification with WePay as soon as possible after accepting your first contribution to avoid this error.

To access your WePay account for your campaign, click on your email reminder from UPTOGOOD or visit My Funds under your UPTOGOOD profile. Once your identity is verified and your bank account is linked to your WePay account for your campaign, the funds are sent automatically to the linked bank account. You have the option to send any available funds daily, weekly (every Monday), or monthly (every first of the month). You can change your frequency preferences at any time. Please note, there is not an option to turn off auto-withdrawals. WePay is under regulatory guidance to not behave as a bank. As such, they must make every effort to remit funds to FUNDit Beneficiaries as soon as possible.

The date of your next withdrawal is shown under your My Funds page for your campaign. Payments received before the 4pm PST withdrawal cut-off time will be sent to your bank account. Once a withdrawal is completed, it typically takes 2-5 business days for the funds to appear in your bank account. In some situations, we may review your account before sending your withdrawal. This process typically takes up to two business days.

Are there any fees?

It's completely free to visit the site, browse all of the inspired Impact Stories, host your own campaigns, contribute to campaigns and take any social actions on UPTOGOOD. UPTOGOOD charges a nominal platform fee of 5% for all funding contributed via UPTOGOOD. The nominal fee is there to help recoup expenses associated with providing this platform, keeping the lights on and making UPTOGOOD even better. There is also a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per credit / debit card transaction fee per FUNDIt Beneficiary collected on behalf of our payment processor (WePay). Both the UPTOGOOD platform fee and credit / debit card transaction fee is paid for by the FUNDit Beneficiary and will be debited from the amount raised. There is also a $15 fee the FUNDit Beneficiary will be charged for any chargebacks that will go directly to WePay.

I am a FUNDit Beneficiary. How do I stay up to date on how my fund raising is going?

You can track the progress of your FUNDit campaign you are a FUNDit Beneficiary of by heading to My Funds page located under your profile dropdown menu on the upper right corner. On My Funds, you can view all funds raised for all of your campaigns, or drill down to the details by selecting the specific campaign you are interested in. You will see total funds raised as well as each donation transaction made by whom and when. This information is also available via a downloadable report in .csv. Below is a glossary of terms found on your My Funds page.


This is the total gross amount raised to date for all campaigns or for the specific campaign selected. If there are multiple FUNDit Beneficiaries for a campaign, this amount reflects only the portion of the funds raised specifically for you as the FUNDit Beneficiary and not the total campaign funds raised.


This is the total net amount (gross amount funded less WePay transaction fees, UPTOGOOD platform fees and any amounts reserved, or cancelled) credited to your WePay account, available for withdrawal upon WePay verification.

Monthly recurring

This is the total gross monthly recurring donations that have been committed by your donors. Some of your donors may have selected the monthly recurring donation option during their FUNDit donation check out. This amount may change should your donors decide to cancel their recurring monthly donation.


This is the total gross amount of funds that donors have confirmed payments for via WePay, our payments partner. WePay has successfully charged the card for this amount. Funds will subsequently become available or reserved for withdrawal.


This is the total gross amount of funds for which payment has settled but have been put on hold by WePay for further verification.

Pending Withdrawals

This is the total net amount (gross amount less WePay transaction fees and UPTOGOOD platform fees) that has started processing for withdrawal.


This is the total net amount (gross amount less WePay transaction fees and UPTOGOOD platform fees) that has been credited to the FUNDit Beneficiary's bank account.


The funds were made available and then refunded by WePay, our payment processor, or UPTOGOOD. The funds have been debited from the FUNDit Beneficiary's WePay account. There are no refund fees, including no WePay transaction fees nor UPTOGOOD platform fees associated with the refunded funds.


The funds have been charged back by the donor and the fund have been debited from the FUNDit Beneficiary's account. There is a $15 chargeback fee for processing that collected by WePay, our payments partner.

Next Withdrawal

The next automatic withdrawal will occur on the displayed date for all or some portion of the Available Funds. You can change your withdrawal information and frequency by accessng the WePay account button on the page.

UPTOGOOD will also keep you posted on transactions on your FUNDit campaign via email notifications sent to the email address associated to your account. You can of course also visit the Campaign Page to see how your FUNDit campaign is tallying up as well!


Did that video convince you that something's gotta change? Start a revolution! (kind of). Sometimes the easiest way to change anything is to just ask for it. A clear request, sent to a Petition Target (decision maker), signed by many supporters can be that spark that changes everything. UPTOGOOD allows you to direct your inspiration in the form of a petition. When thousands or even millions of people come together with a clear voice, and they amplify it with social media, the message becomes impossible to ignore. To SIGNit, just read the Campaign's Petition, drop your name, email address and any other information about you that's requested. This is the one time it's actually good to name drop.

I SIGNEDit! Are my details and personal info safe and secure?

Yes. UPTOGOOD takes security of your data very seriously. The site is secured using SSL 256 bit encryption. The presence of SSL means that all communications between your browser (e.g. personal information) and UPTOGOOD's web servers are private and secure. You can read more about our data practices and Privacy Policy here. We only share information to third parties on an opt-in basis when we receive permission from you.

How can I be kept up to date about the status of the petition I've signed? How can I find out if the petition I signed was victorious?

By taking action on UPTOGOOD, you will automatically FOLLOWit. You will be notified of campaign updates, including any victories that may have come out of your support. (You, of course, have the option to unsubscribe or change your notification settings though through My Settings.) You can always come back to the Campaign Page and stay up to date on the effects of your action by checking out Messages From the Campaign Host for updates. If that's not enough, you can try reaching out to your host through the CONTACT ME button located within their profile fly out on the top of the Campaign Page. Once enough signatures are collected, at the Campaign Hosts discretion, the petition letter will be sent to the Petition Target (the decision maker). The Campaign Host can follow up, online and offline, to ensure success. Once you see that Victory Badge on the Campaign Page, you've done good!

I received a notification via UPTOGOOD that I am a SIGNit Petition Target. What does this mean and what should I do next?

Congratulations! Imagine a little trumpeter sound right here. This is your call to action. Someone has started a campaign to generate good in this world and they feel you have the power to change things. You are their hero, their change-maker. They've put together a petition, they're rallying support, and now they need you! Make your best effort to address the concerns included in the petition letter. Engage with the Campaign Host who has organized this petition to let them know the steps you intend to take or have taken to address their concerns. You can reach them via the CONTACT ME button on the profile fly out located at the top of the Campaign Page or by simply clicking on the link in your email notification. Better yet, you can engage the community by directly posting on the Campaign Page to communicate to all of the supporters of the petition. We hope you will hear their voice and it will move you to be the change. They are counting on your power and influence!

I'm a Campaign Host. What is a SIGNit action, otherwise known as a petition? Why is this a good way to create social impact?

Rallying the power of the crowd has always been an effective way to promote social change. Picketing and social rallies have there place and time but if you want to generate meaningful impact, on an issue your heart's invested in, we believe that targeting a person in a position of power is a good way to go. A clear simple request from an impassioned and organized group can directly tip things in that direction of good. Your request becomes harder to ignore, the more supporters you have behind you in the form of signatures. It's simple, powerful and it works! Your supporters will be able to stay engaged in the activity as you keep them updated on the growing list of names. Continue to build the anticipation of your upcoming VICTORY and watch those numbers grow. Meaningful change, generated through simple action, is just a few good names away.

I'm a Campaign Host. What is a Petition Target and what should I know about them?

A Petition Target is a group, an organization or person that your SIGNit action is aimed at. At UPTOGOOD, we consider a Petition Target any person that's in the position to affect real change. Your local government officials, heads of corporations, local council member group leaders, and trendsetters too, are all good Petition Targets. Anybody that can receive your SIGNit petition letter, consider your request, and activate the good you're asking for is a perfect Petition Target! Aim well: Do your research and find out who's in charge of things you'd like to change. All you would need is a name of the Petition Target and their email address. It is also helpful to have the job title / role, affiliation (company, organization etc.) so your supporters can understand who your SIGNit action is aimed at as they support you. You can have more than one Petition Target in your SIGNit petition as well. Your Petition Target(s) will be notified via email, the moment your first signature is collected. You will also be sending your Petition Letter and collected signatures to your Petition Target(s) once you are ready. You, as a Campaign Host, will decide when you're ready! Once you are, you can head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click on Compose and select "Deliver Petition" from the Template dropdown menu to deliver your petition to the Petition Target. Good luck!

I'm a Campaign Host. What are the steps in creating a SIGNit petition?

Click on Create Campaign on your top navigation to start your campaign creation process. Simply add the SIGNit action to your campaign and fill out the required fields.

Step 1: Find that Impact Story (a video) with an effective narrative that best articulates the issues you want to address in your petition and grab its Youtube or Vimeo link. Don't have a ready-made video? Grab your laptop or phone, and simply speak to your supporters. This is what will inspire your supporters. Authenticity is key!

Step 2: Research who would make the most effective Petition Target (the petition recipient / decision maker) to affect the change you want to see. Currently UPTOGOOD supports email addresses only (but we hope to expand support to twitter in the future.) as a means to notify and communicate to the Petition Target. Your Petition Target can be a group, an organization or person. You can have multiple Petition Targets too.

Step 3: Figure out The Ask. What is the elevator pitch version of the change you are asking for? What's that headline that would compel your supporters to read your Petition Letter?

Step 4: Write your Petition Letter. Get inspired and research your topic thoroughly! This is the letter that your supporters will read to understand the nature of your request in order to support you. Keep it straight-forward: What do you want them to do? Why do you think we need this change? Facts and figures, as well as background information can strengthen your cause.

Step 5: You should become familiar with the laws / processes relevant to your petition. Google it. Some important things to look for might be deadlines, number of signatures needed, the type of information you must collect from supporters, and so on, especially if your petition is a legislative petition.

Now you're ready! Share away and collect your first signature. UPTOGOOD will notify the Petition Target about the petition and keep updating them as those good names roll in. X marks the spot!

What if I need more than a name and signature to meet legal requirements? What can I do?

The following fields are available on SIGNit by default: First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, and Why is this important to you. While we recommend keeping fields to a minimum, you can select Add Custom Fields on your Campaign Creation Campaign Details page and select, Gender, Date of birth, Occupation, or Employer as an additional field or add custom fields by inputting the field name your petition requires. Some jurisdictions may require you to collect certain information for example for a formal petition to be accepted. Please consult your legal advisor.

How many signatures do I need to make my petition valid? Should I set a signature goal?

It really depends on the type of petition. UPTOGOOD lets the Campaign Host make the final call. Most petitions won't need a specific number of signatures to achieve Victory. In cases where a legal minimum might be required (for example, to get an issue placed on a state or local ballot, or to have a matter considered by government) a clear signature goal should be defined which you can do in the Campaign Creation process. In these cases, the Campaign Host should research the exact number of signatures needed and the verification process (if any) required by the jurisdiction.

What's the best way to reach Victory on a SIGNit action?

UPTOGOOD is readily integrated with Facebook and Twitter so blast the SIGNit campaign out there and collect as many signatures as possible.

Spread the word with your friends and family via email as well. Head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click Compose. There is a convenient ready-made "Get SIGNit support" template available under the Template dropdown menu where you can encourage your friends and family to support you.

Once you've accumulated all of your signatures, the Campaign Host generates a Signature Report Link and includes it in the email to the Petition Target. The Petition Target can click on the link to see all of the digital signatures on UPTOGOOD. This option also provides live updates if additional signatures are collected after a Signature Report Link has been sent. You can head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click on Compose and select "Deliver Petition" from the Template dropdown menu to deliver your petition to the Petition Target conveniently.

Thousands or even millions of signatures are a great way to make your Target notice. Build momentum with offline action as well. Things like an in-person delivery of signatures, phone calls, press conferences, and media outreach help ensure your Victory. Don't forget to @mention and tag your Petition Target on social media posts that include a link to your Campaign Page as well and encourage your supporters to do the same! Go ahead and put your Petition Target on the spot to do the right thing.

I collected enough signatures and am ready to send the petition off to the Target. What do I do?

Bravo! Now it's game time.

Go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click Compose. There is a convenient ready-made "Deliver Petition" template available under Template where we include a link for the Petition Target to reach back to you without your revealing your email address, your petition letter, and a link to the Signature Report, which will update as you continue to collect more signatures.

Alternatively, you can go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Supporters > and click on the Access Signature Report button. Grab the URL of the page and simply forward it along to your Petition Target.

I received an official response from the Petition Target. We are victorious! What do I do next?

Congratulations! Now it's time to share your good news!

Go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaign. You will land on the Welcome page automatically where you can Report Victory. Hit the Report Victory button and a Victory Badge will appear on your Campaign page along with a message to your supporters to let them know how you have reached victory and what actions you can expect your Petition Target to take (or that they have already taken!) in response to your SIGNit petition.

As you Report Victory, all supporters will be notified automatically (unless they have opted out of notifications). This will also show up on your Campaign Page.

We recommend sharing this great news on social media. Better yet, take it a step further and reach out to media outlets as well for coverage of this accomplishment. Let people know that your inspired leadership did actually affect change. This is worth celebrating!

How can I keep my petition supporters up to date?

To update your supporters on progress, go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns. You will automatically land on the Welcome page where you can post a campaign update. This will appear on your Campaign Page as a Message From The Campaign Host and all of your supporters will be notified via email unless they have opted out of being notified. To notify them of a SIGNit Victory go to My Campaigns > Manage Campaign > Report Victory and we will celebrate with you with a Victory Badge on your Campaign!


Sometimes all it takes is a little promise! Too many questions, not enough solutions. What can I do to help?! Before you fade into overwhelm, make a promise. At UPTOGOOD, we believe the smallest declaration made by a group of people can manifest some real good, so we offer you that chance to PROMISEit. Let's say you just watched an Impact Story (a video) about the negative impact of single use plastics on our environment. The Campaign Host may ask you to: "Promise to not have plastic bottled water for 2 weeks!" Or maybe you watched an Impact Story about a primitive African tribe that heals depression with laughing ceremonies. The Campaign Host might ask you to "Promise to smile at a stranger every day!" Get the idea? It's a digital honor system. You can PROMISEit with the click of your mouse (sort of like a digital pinky swear!)

I PROMISEDit! Is my personal info. safe and secure?

UPTOGOOD takes security of your data very seriously. The site is secured using SSL 256 bit encryption. The presence of SSL means that all communications between your browser (e.g. credit card numbers) and UPTOGOOD's web servers are private and secure. You can read more about our data practices and Privacy Policy here.

I am inspired to create a PROMISEit campaign myself. What should I do?

UPTOGOOD believes that there is enormous power in the Campaign Host taking leadership and helping to narrow down and define the one thing (or a set of things), supporters can do to help a cause. When you watch that Impact Story, feeling all kinds of emotions and the urge to help, the average person can sometimes get overwhelmed. After all, there are probably a million of ways that the particular problem can be cracked. That's where you come in!

Promises can be simple or grand, but all you really need is one or a set of clear statements, a pledge so to speak, of some good action you'd like to see people take in this world. Ideally, it is something your supporters can immediately engage with and act. Something very specific. Something you know will make a big impact in large numbers. Sometimes the simpler the better!

UPTOGOOD also supports external links on your PROMISEit action too if it makes sense for your cause. So get creative!

After you've come up with a good promise, and your Impact Story (video) starts to rally supporters, you might be surprised by how much good you can mobilize. Imagine one little promise, multiplied by many. This might be the very movement you were looking for.

Can I PROMISEit anonymously?

If you'd rather be discreet in making your promise, so long as your Campaign Host does not explicitly disallow this option on their campaign, you can just click on the check box to "Support Anonymously" when you PROMISEit. The campaign you supported will not appear on your UPTOGOOD profile and your Campaign Host will not receive your name nor your email address. They will simply know they had an anonymous supporter.


You just watched something that blew your mind and you think "Wow. I had no idea." Take that feeling and SHAREit! Using your preferred social media, this direct line of action allows you to take that inspired UPTOGOOD Impact Story you've just discovered and begin moving it through the world. For now, UPTOGOOD integrates with Facebook and Twitter. You can use the default copy or you can customize the dialogue box and come up with your own good message to share with your world. You can also email a link or, if you are a Campaign Host, embed a Campaign widget onto your blog or website. Watch your social GOOD-print grow as we calculate all of your shares on the Campaign Page. Sharing is caring, people!

What are the ways I can share campaigns on UPTOGOOD?

UPTOGOOD integrates with Facebook so it makes it sooo easy to share it with all of your friends. Once they click on the video, they'll be directed back to UPTOGOOD to give them the chance to engage in one of our key social actions.


UPTOGOOD also integrates with Twitter, one of our most opinionated social media forums today. Boldly share your good view of the world with links to your favorite campaigns/videos and get a good chat going. Start a conversation worth having! #wtfisgoigonintheworld #getUPTOGOOD


If we could tell you to write hand written love letters we would! Personal is powerful, so send those emails to your friends and family with a little note, from you, about your campaign and all of your good efforts. Don't forget to include a link to your Campaign Page. You can also head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click Compose. There are convenient ready-made templates available under the Template dropdown menu you can use to encourage your friends and family to rally for you. You can also simply click SHAREit on your favorite campaign to share the campaign with your friends via Email. Embeds

If you are a Campaign Host, you can embed your campaign directly onto your blog or website. Just copy and paste the embed code to display your live UPTOGOOD stats for your campaign. Visitors of your blog or website will be able to click through to your Campaign Page. You can access the embed code by navigating to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Embed. You have the choice of a horizontal widget (300 x 600) or a vertical widget (600 x 300). The horizontal widget is great for your content area. The vertical widget is designed to fit nicely within most standard advertising and / or promotional unit space you may have on your site.

Download the Toolkit

We've put together a nifty Toolkit for the super supporter in you. You will have concrete tips and tools on how you can help take proactive steps in getting the word out. The Toolkit includes UPTOGOOD graphics and logos you can use to help become an advocate for our community.

Change your Facebook Banner

Your Facebook banner space is precious and impactful real estate you control. Show your support for UPTOGOOD by downloading a banner you can upload.

Change your Twitter Background

You are opinionated, witty, and people pay attention when you tweet. Put that influence to good use. Show your support for UPTOGOOD by downloading a twitter background you can upload.

How are SHARES calculated on UPTOGOOD?

Shares are calculated on a per share basis for each method of sharing.

Here's the breakdown: One facebook share is counted as One share. One twitter share is counted as One share. One email, even with multiple recipients, still, One share.


Feeling even more inspired? Host your own GOOD campaign! All you need is an impacting video that aims to inspire and inform paired with a direct line of action to get up to good! After people see your Impact Story they'll be directed to one of the key social actions designed by you. Your campaigns can be simple or grand. Maybe it's a DIY video crusade against drunk driving and a little promise action that says "I promise to never ever drink and drive as long as I live." Or maybe you've produced a feature documentary about the current state of war, the climate debacle, mental illness, gun control, etc. (sheesh, good job!), and you work with all the major non profits, and you petition the white house, and you make yourself the beneficiary and you finally re-coup from the passion project that took it all. The sky's the limit, really! And anything else in between really is good enough. You can also build a campaign around an already existing video (but we recommend you ask first). It really is your design. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" --Ghandi. Go ahead, make Ghandi happy and click here to get started!

What is a campaign?

A campaign is your interactive platform/vision for integrating your bit of good into this world, designed in the way you might like to see the world get up to good. Each campaign features an Impact Story (those videos who's narrative aims to inspire or inform) linked with one or more of our four key social actions, giving the viewer the opportunity to direct freshly inspired hearts into meaningful action, all through the click of a mouse: FUNDit (flows money to the filmmakers/producers and folks who can do something with the funds to help the cause associated), SIGNit (lets you drop your name on a live petition), PROMISEit (make a promise to take an action the Campaign Host defines, sort of like a digital pinky swear) and SHAREit (instantly blasts the content through social media)

Who can HOSTit (host a campaign) on UPTOGOOD?

Campaigns are hosted by anyone who has a story to tell, and is motivated to leverage the power of storytelling to be the catalyst for more good they'd like to see in the world. They are documentary filmmakers, nonprofit organizations, impact journalists, political campaigners, social enterprises / businesses, educators, scientists / researchers, cause-oriented celebrities / influencers, profits, and inspired good-hearted everyday folk just like you. Go ahead and HOSTit and be the catalyst for good!

Documentary Filmmaker

The creator of any short or long form film, who's non-fiction "document" aims to inspire, uplift, or inform in a meaningful, impacting way. You worked hard to create that social documentary to affect change. HOSTit and move that inspiration you've created into action. It's also a great way to monetize your craft so you can continue to tell important stories for good.

Non-Profit Organization

Any organization that is aligned with the need to generate good and is aimed at promoting the efforts/needs of their cause rather than themselves. HOSTit and tell a story about your organizations goals and accomplishments to move people to act. As an expert, you are primed to lead the charge to help define the best actions to further your cause, gather resources and an engaged crowd of supporters.

Impact Journalist

Regular citizens with Independently-sourced news stories. Ordinary people, making extraordinary efforts and taking the power of the press in their own hands, creating guerilla-style videos that illuminate the pressing issues in their corner of the world. HOSTit to get that awareness into action. It's also a great way to independently have the crowd support your craft and what you do so you can keep doing what you do!

Political Campaigner

Any person with political aspirations seeking to generate positive impact in the world, locally, and beyond! Do you want to move beyond the rhetoric and the sound bites in the media? Do you wish you can have town hall meeting to engage with more of your supporters more frequently? Do you wish you had a platform of your own design to talk about the issues you care about and communicate where you stand without time limits? All of that is possible here. HOSTit and authentically engage with your community!

The Good-Hearted

Just a good hearted person, like you, looking to be involved in the world in a way that is meaningful, in a way that gets up to good. A well-intentioned heart and a little bit of inspiration is all you need to get involved on UPTOGOOD. Everyday we are flooded with moments of inspiration that pass us by, mostly because we're unsure of how to direct our efforts. UPTOGOOD gives you the power to generate the good you'd like to see. Take that initiative and HOSTit. Merge your good idea, with our tools to ignite the power of the crowd. You'll be amazed by the good you can do. All you need is a simple video and actions for your viewer to take. You will be glad you did and see your social GOOD-print grow.

Social Enterprises

Any heart-saavy business who's business strategy incorporates helping and contributing to the greater good. HOSTit and tell that story that you want your customers and potential customers to understand about you. It will grow your business and your good that you've built in.


Professors, teachers, philosophers, explorers, experts, inventors, thinkers, and innovators. Basically anyone who's got the power of knowledge and the capacity to share it for the greater good. HOSTit, because knowledge is power.

Scientists & Researchers

Scientists and researchers who are growing our body of knowledge from their efforts have the potential for lots of good in our world. Sometimes, research that has the potential for good may not be readily "commercial" but valuable or may disrupts the status quo, making needed resources difficult to come by. HOSTit, and tell that story. We are confident that the community will be good to you.

I'm a documentary filmmaker and/or a content producer of inspiring videos. How can HOSTing a campaign on UPTOGOOD support my efforts?

Funny you should ask...Our initial inspiration for UPTOGOOD came out of deep respect for social documentary filmmakers and producers of inspiring content - and for the art of storytelling. We know many of you are fueled by a passion for storytelling and the need to make a positive impact. We also know you work relentlessly to reach the widest audience. We salute you!

Traditional distribution, behind pay walls and/or limited opportunities for niche content, can make finding that audience challenging. After all, creators of Impact Stories (ie: social change documentary filmmakers) have slightly different set of goals from other content that are created strictly for entertainment value. When your goals are to monetize (I mean, we all have to keep those lights on!), reach the widest possible audience to get your message out, and to actually affect change, we feel there may be better ways to reach these multi-pronged goals by thinking beyond traditional pay-walls.

Our hypothesis is that, given a strong story, you would be able to achieve your multi-pronged goals by making your Impact Story available "freely," and trust in the good hearts of everyday people to reward you financially and otherwise after they've watched your Impact Story. UPTOGOOD is a tool you can use to monetize effectively, reach a wider audience, and have the potential to affect change through social actions you define and make accessible right when you are feeling all of those post-viewing emotions.

We'd like you to use us (in a good way of course). This is your digital film festival. This is your independent distribution platform. UPTGOOD lets you launch your film into the world, and build a supportive fan-base that wants to not only fund your films but to follow it up with the right action that supports the very cause your film supports.

We believe that people, like us, are moved by your work and want to give to you from the goodness of their hearts. Sometimes, you just gotta ask. And sometimes, people are a lot more generous than you'd imagine!

At UPTGOOD we attract audiences that feel inspired and compelled to do something good in this world. By sharing your film on UPTOGOOD you're building a loyal audience that you can continue to engage with. You'll build a fan base that is invested in your voice as a filmmaker and an audience that is longing for a way to support you and the good you continue to do. Name yourself as the FUNDit Beneficiary and watch as the power of the crowd thanks you, with dollars, for the film you made. Sometimes when people are given the option, that freedom to choose what they pay, makes them take a look into their hearts and ask themselves what its worth. In this dynamic, people are often willing to pay a lot more than the price you might've suggested. There's something about that freedom - that trust between artist and audience that brings out the good in all of us. Don't take our word of it. HOST your own campaign! See for yourself and watch as your fellow humans surprise you. You also have the option to pay it forward if you like. Link a nonprofit organization to your campaign and give your fans the option to FUNDit! Not only has your narrative illuminated the world, you've now given people a route where they can funnel that inspiration into direct good.

At UPTOGOOD we believe that if it aims to inspire, to uplift, to educate in any way that it should be seen. Storytelling through video is a powerful motivator. We know, because we've been moved by films like yours and we've often been left feeling the tremendous need to contribute to the filmmakers working so hard to bring those narratives to light. UPTOGOOD is your digital arts patronage platform providing tremendous potential for the success of your film and the very cause that inspired you. Trust the power of the good crowd. Go ahead and create that campaign!

I've got a GOOD idea for a campaign, but no video?

Talking heads are okay in our book (the band's not bad either). Anyways...flip that camera on yourself and share what you're passionate about. A video-selfie that generates good in this world! Attach one of our social actions and you're good to go! Feeling a little shy? Source some already made video on Youtube or Vimeo and build a campaign around that. Just make sure you ask the content producer for permission before you go building mountains of good around their molehill.

Can I set a campaign end date? Why would I want to and how does it work?

Yes! Go ahead and set an end date (but it's optional - you can update it later if you change your mind!). Building a sense of urgency around your campaign can generate excitement and attract supporters in that final stretch. Once you set an end date, a countdown will appear on your campaign page, counting down the final moments. People love to be the hero...creating a sense of urgency gives them the chance to save the day!

Once your campaign has reached it's end date, your page will still be visible. You can always opt to hide it if you'd like, but feel free to continue to share the good news via Facebook and Twitter. The social actions will no longer be active, but people will be able to look at all of your stats and admire all the good you've done. The Campaign Host would also be able report victory on the SIGNit (petition) action once the good news comes in.

I want to be a Campaign Host. What assets do I need to create a campaign?

The most important asset is your good heart. Go to the top navigation bar and click on Create Campaign to follow the simple steps we will guide you through to host your own campaign. Below are some of the basic assets you would need to create your campaign:

Campaign Title

Come up with a punchy title to get your campaign noticed. You have up to 80 characters to make it count.

Campaign Description

Describe your campaign and impact story in a nutshell in 270 characters or less. Don't worry - There is a lot more room to communicate with your supporters with as much detail as you'd like in the "Message from Campaign Host" section on your Campaign Page which you can access by heading to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaign > Welcome > Post Campaign Update.

Impact Story (Video)

UPTOGOOD currently supports YouTube and Vimeo. Grab a link to the video you want to feature in your campaign. Any video above 10 minutes will be considered long-form n UPTOGOOD and we encourage theatrical length videos as well as shorter 2-3 minute short-form clips so long as the story it tells has the potential to inspire social good and move your supporters to action.

Campaign Cover Image

Choose a splashy campaign cover image that best represents the spirit of your campaign. We recommend against any copy on this image since this will serve as a backdrop to your campaign title and campaign description, which will be overlaid on top. At 100% display, your campaign image will be displayed at 1920 x 1080 pixels in color at the top of your Campaign Page. We will place a gray transparency and a dotted texture on top to hip it up and make sure all campaign images can support the display of campaign titles and campaign descriptions on top. We require a minimum size of 800 x 640 pixels for your image. The file should be 50MB or less in JPEG, PNG or GIF.


Decide which actions (FUNDit SIGNit, PROMISEit) you would like to have for your campaign in addition to the default action SHAREit. Feel free to activate all of them! Flex your copywriting skills to appeal to your supporters to complete the actions you define.

How do I keep in touch with my supporters and keep them up to date on my campaign?

People love knowing they've made a good impression. Keep your supporters in the loop and share your good news as often as you can. You don't have to say much, just a few good words will keep that momentum going. Keep in touch with your supporters by posting a "Message From Campaign Host" on your campaign page via My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Welcome > Post Update.

Every time you post a new message, your supporters (the ones who've opted in to receive email notifications) will be notified about the good news.

You can also email your supporters as well. Head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign> Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email and click Compose. Go ahead and craft a custom email to keep your supporters up to date. There are also convenient ready-made templates for each action you are promoting in the Template dropdown menu where you can encourage your friends and family to rally for you. You also have the option to upload your own contacts into your campaign contact list via .csv and emailing them. To do so, format your .csv data as follows: first column, first name, second column, last name, third column, business name (if any), fourth column, email address, without column headers.

How can I build my audience for social good using UPTOGOOD?

Every time a supporter engages in a social action they'll have the chance to drop their email. This provides you with consistent opportunities to collect names and grow a loyal following. Keep your supporters inspired with personal messages and updates from you! Every time you post an update for your Campaign Page via My Campaigns > My specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Welcome > Post Update, your post will appear on "Message from Campaign Host" section on your Campaign Page and your supporters will be notified via email (assuming they have not opted out of this option).

How do I get people to support my campaign I am hosting?

Stay in action on your Campaign page. Share updates, reactions and progress on your favorite social media, and don't forget to SHAREit. Send personal emails to your friends and families with a link to your campaign and dare them to put their money where their mouth is!

To update your supporters on progress, go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns. You will automatically land on the Welcome page where you can post a campaign update. This will appear on your Campaign Page as a "Message From Campaign Host" and all of your supporters will be notified via email unless they have opted out of being notified.

Spread the word with your friends and family via email as well. Head to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign> Actins > Manage Campaigns > Email and click Compose. There are convenient ready-made templates for each action you are promoting the Template dropdown menu where you can encourage your friends and family to rally for you.

Ambitious? Take that extra step to identify your favorite influencers and celebrities that you feel could get behind your cause on social media and help promote your Campaign. @mention and tag them publicly to ask for their support and donate their feed and social media reach with a link to your Campaign Page to attract more supporters (you can always shorten your link with services like bitly to shorten your URL so it can fit that 140 character limit on Twitter). How could they say no to that? Ask your supporters to do the same!

Remember, good old-fashioned media outreach, press releases and press conferences are also great ways to get the attention your Campaign deserves! So don't be shy and get out there!

What are Custom URLs for campaigns? And, what's the best use of my new, witty, Custom URL?

Custom URLs are short form URLs that are designed to be easy to remember and good to look at. These make sharing your Campaign Pages much easier, helping you gather more immediate support. You can change it by going to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Settings. You can only change it once so be decisive!

Well, first of all, you can insert your Custom URL into a video you are embedding from Youtube or Vimeo, allowing you to sort-of personalize your inspiration. We suggest ending the video with an easy to remember/type Custom URL, tied directly to your Campaign. Or, get a persistent chyron on your video. For example, insert a title card at the end of your video that reads something like, "Come support us at "https://www.UPTOGOOD.org/customname" so that viewers can find you easily on UPTOGOOD. You get the point, right?

I love what UPTOGOOD is doing and want the same social actions for my website / blog to make an impact and do good. Can you help?

That's a really good idea! And it's super easy actually. Just follow our steps for creating a campaign for GOOD, and use your Campaign Page as your website. It's all good, you don't have to ask your friend's cousin to help you build your website as a favor anymore! Already have a website or a blog? Then embed the campaign widget directly into your website after you create your campaign by heading to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Embed. You have the choice of a horizontal widget (300 x 600 pixels) or a vertical widget (600 x 300 pixels). Most of us have good hearts and what stands in our way from taking related action usually comes down to time and resources. Our goal at UPTOGOOD is to empower you with powerful but simple tools so you can focus on what you do best!

I am a Campaign Host. How do I see how I'm doing on my campaign(s)?

You can see the performance of the campaign you are hosting by heading over to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting. On the top you will see the cumulative impact of all of the campaigns you are hosting in terms of FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit and SHAREit actions.

To drill down to the nitty gritty, go to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Supporters. You can filter all of the support your campaign has received by action. You can also download all details of your support transactions in .csv format by clicking on Download Data.

You will also be notified of support you receive for your campaign via email by default. You can adjust your email notifications settings by going to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Settings.

You can of course also see how your campaign is faring by checking out the stats displayed on your Campaign Page! Good luck!

How can my supporters find all of the campaigns I am hosting?

Your supporters can check out all of the good you are doing through your user profile. We track the impact you are making within the UPTOGOOD community through your UPTOGOOD profile. This is a great way for your supporters to get to know you through the causes you care about and support you in not just one campaign, but all of the campaigns you are hosting and supporting.

How can I contact a Campaign Host?

You can contact the Campaign Host for a specific campaign by clicking on the profile photo located at the top of the Campaign Page. The Campaign Host info. fly out contains a "Contact Me" button which will re-direct your message to the Campaign Host to their registered email address.

If you are a Campaign Host, messages from your supporters can be found in your UPTOGOOD campaign email inbox. You can access your campaign inbox by heading to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Email. Unless you adjust your notification settings otherwise (via My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Settings), you will also receive email notifications via your registered email address whenever a supporter contacts you through the "Contact Me" feature.

I am a Campaign Host and my campaign has been suspended. What does this mean and what should I do?

If your campaign has been suspended, your campaign is hidden from public view. We also indicate this campaign status in My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > My Settings. This can happen because either your campaign has been suspended for security reasons, or you failed to meet our Community Guidelines.

UPTOGOOD suspends your campaign if the Entity Type indicated on your FUNDit Beneficiary's WePay account (or if you are both a FUNDit Beneficiary and a Campaign Host, this may be you) for the campaign they are a Beneficiary of do not match his/her/their Entity Type (Individual, Business or Organization) for their UPTOGOOD profile. This is to keep UPTOGOOD a safe place. Please note, if you have multiple FUNDit Beneficiaries for your campaign with at least one valid FUNDit Beneficiary, we will keep the campaign active with the suspended FUNDit Beneficiary(ies) removed. To reactivate the campaign, you have the option to edit and re-publish the campaign to add a new FUNDit Beneficiary or re-add the suspended FUNDit Beneficiary, at which point, he/she/they would go through the WePay verification process again, hopefully with matching Entity Types per our instructions that will be included in email notifications alerting them of the suspension.

Alternatively, your campaign may be suspended because we have determined that it does not meet our Community Guidelines. UPTOGOOD asks our community to help us police our community. Users can help keep UPTOGOOD a great place to be by reporting campaigns that they feel do not meet our Community Guidelines by clicking on Report Campaign in the info fly out located on the lower right corner of the campaign cover image on the Campaign Page. We take the community feedback seriously to help alert us to campaigns that may not meet our Community Guidelines. With the help from you, UPTOGOOD will review campaigns (and profiles) and may decide to suspend them in the interest of the community at our sole discretion. As a fundamental principle, UPTOGOOD does not tolerate intolerance, and that will be our main filter. That being said, UPTOGOOD also seeks to be an issue-agnostic, open platform where different perspectives and views can be respected and shared. We think an open, un-censored dialogue is an important part of preserving our liberties and making the world a better place. So, don't worry! We won't be taking down campaigns just because we or others don't personally agree with you - we believe the community can help engage with you openly and transparently on your Campaign Page if they have an opposing view and we hope everyone is open to learning and changing their mind whenever appropriate.

How does UPTOGOOD determine which campaigns to feature? How can I get featured?

UPTOGOOD features content that exemplifies the power of our platform. Perhaps your campaign has social actions that are incredibly innovative, inspiring or ambitious. We'd want to feature your campaign to inspire other amazing campaigns on UPTOGOOD. Or your documentary happens to examine something that is incredibly timely in the world. Maybe you're featured because that quirky little video of you singing in the bathtub about water conservation just went viral!!

UPTOGOOD's team is also able to recognize when a campaign is trending quickly, so push a little extra at the launch of your campaign to get our attention. We'll provide an additional boost from there! We also have special editorial considerations for the partners that have demonstrated an early passion and commitment to UPTOGOOD. Their loyalty has contributed greatly to the success of our platform, and we'd like to show our gratitude by offering our support in return. We are also open to collaborating with partners on special campaigns so don't be shy to reach out to us to be considered if you feel we should be paying attention!

All of this being said, we have a very hard job! As much as we may try, we are the first to admit, that we may not always get it right. We have our own personal viewpoints on various issues but we want to make sure that as an issue-agnostic and open platform we are very careful not to skew or color what we feature based on those personal views and that we can consistently represent and highlight a diversity of viewpoints. We'd like you to know that we will be striving for this tricky balance of calling attention to certain campaigns to inspire good and to inspire more campaigns for good to be created, while not necessarily being an authority that dictates what is right or wrong on these topics. Campaigns highlighted or featured in our featured section, our email newsletter content, and our social media should not be seen as being representative of the views of UPTOGOOD on each specific issue area.

Feel free to let us know if there is a campaign you think deserves attention that we haven't featured yet!


At UPTOGOOD, that inspiration, and that feeling from having done good doesn't have to be a one hit wonder. When you support a campaign on UPTOGOOD by taking one or more of the four core UPTOGOOD actions (FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit, SHAREit), we will track your social GOOD-print via your account. You will automatically FOLLOWit by taking action on UPTOGOOD, so that you can stay up to date on all the good that's come from your social actions, including victories!

Why should I set up a user profile on UPTOGOOD and how does it work?

By setting up a registered account on UPTOGOOD, we are able to track your social GOOD-print on UPTOGOOD and inspire others to join in on the action. So go ahead and sign up!

Once you sign up, go to your profile drop down on the upper right corner to click on the My Profile page to customize your profile, and check out your profile by clicking on your username at the top of you My Profile page. On your UPTOGOOD profile, you can display your profile image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, 10MB file limit 160 x 160 pixels minimum), a profile cover image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, max image size at 100% is 1440 x 900 pixels, minimum size is 800 x 640 pixels), a blurb about yourself and links to your social media and other websites.

Here, we track your stats around the core UPTOGOOD actions you've taken; FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit, and SHAREit, around campaigns you have hosted, and campaigns you have supported and contributed to. If you anonymously support your campaigns, we will keep things discreet and not display your campaigns or stats on your UPTOGOOD public profile, but we will keep track of things under your My Contributions page for you. Your profile is a great place for others in the community to get to know you from the causes you care about and support.

How can I follow a user on UPTOGOOD? Why should I follow a user on UPTOGOOD?

Registered users on the site can follow another user by clicking on the "Follow" button located within the Campaign Host info fly out at the top of the Campaign Page (if the user you are looking to follow is a Campaign Host) or by visiting an UPTOGOOD user profile and clicking on the "Follow" button there. Once you follow a user, you will be notified of their activities on UPTOGOOD and can discover more campaigns to support from UPTOGOOD users that inspire you! Campaigns hosted by users a supporter follows are tracked under My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Following. This is a great way to discover fresh campaigns that you may want to check out and support! So go ahead and follow away!

What are the ways that you can be kept up to date on campaigns and causes that you care about?

The very best way that you can be kept up to date on campaigns and causes that you care about is to take action! FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit or SHAREit, and put your good hearts into concrete action however small. By doing so, we will track this activity on your user profile for others to see (unless you supported anonymously), and we will notify you on updates from your Campaign Host for the campaigns you have supported!

You can also follow another user by clicking on the "Follow" button located within the Campaign Host info fly out at the top of the Campaign Page (if the user you are looking to follow is a Campaign Host) or by visiting an UPTOGOOD user profile page and clicking on the "Follow" button there. This is a great way to check out what others in the community are supporting and discovering additional campaigns and causes to support.

You can also periodically check out campaigns by topic areas of interest by heading to the top navigation bar and browsing through various topic areas we've defined.

How can I adjust my notification settings?

You can adjust your notification settings by going to My Settings under your profile dropdown menu located at the top upper right corner. If you are a Campaign Host, you can adjust your notification settings specific to your campaign by heading to My Campaigns > Campaigns I am Hosting > your specific campaign > Actions > Manage Campaigns > Settings.


Love us? How can you support UPTOGOOD?

Thank you for asking! We love you too and are so inspired by the good-hearted folks that make up our community.

There are several ways you can support us. First, please be sure to take action (FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit, and SHAREit) when you feel inspired. Better yet, take the extra step to be the catalyst and challenge yourself to be a Campaign Host. Simply being engaged with UPTOGOOD as it was intended, and making the world a better place one small little action at a time is a great way to support UPTOGOOD.

Second, please tell all of your friends and family about UPTOGOOD! Pay that inspiration forward. Keep the conversations about UPTOGOOD flowing through all of your social media channels and your sphere of influence. Tweet about the most inspiring doc you just watched on UPTOGOOD. Go ahead and brag about the money you raised on UPTOGOOD, or the fact that you dropped your name on an important SIGNit petition that is about to change things. Share the glory moments your PROMISEit action inspired on UPTOGOOD. @mention your favorite celebrities, filmmakers and influencers on social media you think should be hosting campaigns on UPTOGOOD and leveraging their fan base and voice. We believe every little bit of good counts! There is power in an inspired crowd - help us build that with us.

Third, we'd love for you to check out a campaign of our own here where we ask for FUNDit donations and other actions to help support the operations of our company and making UPTOGOOD a place where we can make the greatest impact. We built UPTOGOOD from the ground up from an idea, sheer determination, the sweat equity of the founders and the generosity and support from early friends and partners that believed in us. We believed so strongly in our vision to make a meaningful impact that we decided to self-fund UPTOGOOD in an effort to maximize the chances of keeping the company pure to its issue-agnostic impact mission. For now, we operate without any outside investment or commercial dependencies like advertising revenue. Your donations will help to continue to ensure we can grow UPTOGOOD with social impact at top of mind and help to replenish our empty bank accounts too! If you believe in what we are doing, please kindly support us by being a founder of good and directly contributing to our efforts financially. The perk we offer is simply being able to help make the greatest impact possible and knowing you have put a giant smile on our faces!

Is UPTOGOOD a non-profit or a for-profit company?

UPTOGOOD is a for-profit social enterprise. Specifically, UPTOGOOD is a California Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation is a fairly new type of for-profit corporate entity type, legislated in a growing number of states in the United States. It stands apart from traditional corporations in that it includes creating general public benefit, and a positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals. This articulates our intention that we would never sacrifice our ability to maintain focus on social impact due to traditional pressures to maximize shareholder value for profit inherent in legal frameworks of traditional corporations. Our legal entity type represents our commitment to pursuing our mission to make the world a better place in addition to profit as an end for itself. We love being able to combine social impact with what we believe to be a sustainable business model and very much support the Benefit Corporation philosophy and community.

Want to partner with us?

If our social-giving platform has sparked ideas or seems to be perfectly aligned with the work you're doing we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here. We're open to growing our platform in innovative ways and partnering with like-minded hearts!

Have an idea on how to improve UPTOGOOD?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Please, let us know if you come across something we can improve upon. Contact us here. After all, we are in the business of making things better.