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December 31 at 7:00pm

The GOOD we’re all searching for is finally here at our fingertips: UPTOGOOD is officially launched! Now we can align our efforts, harness the power of social media, and start sending good into this world, directly from the comfort of our homes. GOOD has never been easier. GOOD has never moved faster.

The initial inspiration for UPTOGOOD came out of a genuine sense of overwhelm, wanting to do GOOD, but not knowing exactly how. We, as many of you, found ourselves deeply inspired by the immense mobilizing power of storytelling, to educate, to inspire, to illuminate the most pressing narratives of today’s world. But where do you go with that initial spark of inspiration?

What seemed to be missing most was a clear course of action, a way in which to engage with the very thing that just inspired you. Our solution was UPTOGOOD: one cohesive social media platform, where the most pressing stories of our time could live on one page, and where through the simple click of a mouse, we could collectively create real-time change, sending an immediate wave of “trackable” GOOD into our world.

In the last month, the growing need to champion GOOD has never been more apparent. It seems that not a week goes by where we’re not struck by a story that shakes us to our core. We understand that this might create a sense of powerlessness, but all we need to do to change the course of just one of those stories is to gather a collaborative front -- a social media platform that has the power to engage and organize people that want to promote GOOD in this world.

Change happens in numbers. It’s not one person doing a lot of work. It can actually be as simple as lots of people doing a little bit of work. That is momentum, that is how things move, that is how we arrive at world that is UPTOGOOD.

To get started, simply browse our catalogue of impact docs and videos and discover the stories that capture your heart.

Feel like doing lots of GOOD? Launch your very own campaign and track your goodprint online.

Feel like doing a little bit of GOOD? Simply share and promote the #StoriesThatMatter most to you, providing your social media followers with an instant way to get UPTOGOOD.

We are so excited to the put this platform to the test, to sit back and revel in the immense wave of GOOD we will generate together.

Watch. Get inspired. ACT.



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December 31 at 7:00pm

Just learning about this site


December 31 at 7:00pm


December 31 at 7:00pm

認為這叫支持?? 我笑到肚子痛

HARA Motion Picture Conservatory

December 31 at 7:00pm

Jacqulyn Klukas

December 31 at 7:00pm