Uptogood Mission

Uptogood.org is a non-profit organization designed to work with, for and from the arts to aid disadvantaged people worldwide by marketing the production of artists and designers to support organizations involved in humanitarian relief.

Supporting the Arts

Uptogood.org supports the arts by providing valuable publicity to the contributing artists and designers. We would achieve this by reproducing the submitted designs with limited licensing, at no cost to the artist; by expanding the artist’s fan base through increased exposure; by connecting the artist’s image with a supported cause; by reproducing the artist’s signature mark on the product itself; and by representing the artist on the company’s website.

Supporting the Consumer

Uptogood.org supports the consumer by providing high quality, unique, limited edition products that are aesthetically appealing, ethically sound, with proceeds that directly support specific humanitarian causes. We seek to provide stylish, and ethical alternatives to products that consumers would buy otherwise.  We seek to maintain secure, convenient venues for consumers to purchase our products, including an online store. We seek to provide a unique shopping experience where consumers can shop by artist or designer, by the specific product, or in support of a specific humanitarian cause.

Supporting Humanitarian Organizations

Uptogood.org supports reputable humanitarian organizations through financial support raised from the sales of uptogood.org. We seek to expand the support base of humanitarian relief organizations through publicity, communicating the vision of the organizations to consumers through artist-designed products, the uptogood.org website, and online communities. We would work to build first-hand, long-term relationships with humanitarian organizations to properly understand and represent the organization and its values, and to promote long-term giving. We would provide the humanitarian organizations with a new avenue of fundraising, where they can direct their supporters to purchase products from uptogood.org in support of their own cause.